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Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) is for high school aged students aged 15.5-18.5*, interested in living and studying abroad for one academic year; if selected, you will attend high school in a city or town in one of over 40 nations on six continents, and live with host families who will share their lives with you. Participation may help you build greater self-awareness, self-reliance and greater clarity in life goals, improve language skills and may provide expanded educational opportunities.

As a Rotary Exchange student, you agree to be an "ambassador" for your local Rotary Club as well as Rotary International.

  • Please review the 'rules and conditions of exchange' before you start the competitive application process. They can be found at Rules and Conditions of Exchange.  In addition, your sponsoring local Rotary Club may have expectations; such as, reports to the club's RYE officer and updates suitable to post on the club's facebook page.
  • Interview: Candidates will be interviewed by a RYE committee; as part of the interview process, the committee will try to find a candidate that appears to be reasonably mature, responsible, emotionally stable, and appears willing to adjust to new cultural and living environments.
  • Application deadline: the application deadline for the upcoming school year is typically in mid-October. For example, the application window for the 24-25 school year is now closed. THIS is the time to start investigating for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program's 2025-26 exchange year.

Thank you for your interest. Questions? For more information about the application process for the long term exchanges — 11 months and cost, email John Bergin, RYE officer for Rotary Club of Stevens Point, directly. or, use the "contact us" link at Rotary Club of Stevens Point-contact us.

*(cannot be more than 18.5 yrs. when you depart in August)

Rotary Youth Exchange Info- Reciprocal Summer exchange (STEP)

Do you have a high school student from a local area high school interested in a summer exchange program? The Rotary Club of Steven Point and District 6220 wants to hear from you.

District 6220 Short-Term Exchange program (STEP) allows students the opportunity to get a better view of the world by spending 3 to 6 weeks during the summer in the country of your choice under the sponsorship of your local Rotary Club. It is for students age 15-18 who want to live abroad during their summer vacation from school and host in return. Candidates should be adaptable and flexible, well-mannered and want to experience life in other countries and cultures.

Applicants must be sponsored by a local Rotary Club. This unique program is a truly reciprocal, as you will be matched with a host family overseas with a son or daughter who is also age 15-18 and who wants to visit in the United States. You will host that student either before or after your visit.

For more information about the application process and cost, email John Bergin, RYE officer for Rotary Club of Stevens Point, directly.

 Or to learn more about the summer exchange program, link to Rotary Youth Exchange Info- Reciprocal Summer exchange (STEP)

To contact the Stevens Point Rotary Club, send a message via the contact us link on our web page Rotary Club of Stevens Point-contact us



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